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Thank you for supporting Japanese!

I'm looking forward to the continuation of the game♪

I'm looking forward to the continuation of the game

Thanks for your comment and your video! I'm also looking forward to start making the full game, haha!

Game definitely shows promise, thought I do wish that main character was a bit faster, mostly when walking towards objects in the background. Also this a bit of a nitpick but the scissor woman is veiled, not masked.

Thanks for your comment! Rest assured: in the final game, players should be able to make Angela start running even after triggering an interaction (instead of only before).

As for the mask/veil issue, turns out we forgot to update that line when we changed the scissor lady's design! When we realized that issue, it was already too late... xP

I loved this game, the art was amazing and I loved the atmosphere! Reminds me of Clock Tower : The First Fear. Can't wait for any later developments to the story!

CT:TFF was the main inspiration behind our game, so we're very happy with your comment! Thank you so much! S2

I love these type of games, the art style and everything was great!

Thanks for the video and your kind words! S2


Thanks for the video, but now Angela feels dizzy and annoyed at what you did to her!! xD

The art and atmosphere in this game are fantastic! The chase scenes felt genuinely very tense and nerve-wracking. A really fun game, can't wait to see where it goes!
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The "scissor lady" said she's glad with your reaction! Thanks a lot for your lovely comment and your video! S2

Loved the atmosphere and the eeriness of this game! Great work!

Yay, a playthrough of the new version! Thanks very much! S2

the game isnt there. i unzipped all the files and it wasnt there!!!

All right, absolutely great! Love the atmosphere, the art style is just gorgeous (no faces - cool :)). Any point and click fan should check this one out.

Thank you so much! We weren't expecting this much love from you players, so we're really, really happy! S2

Ok so yes I actually liked this game i didnt think i would but i enjoyed it! 

That makes me so happy! Many thanks for the video and your kinds words! S2

it's really cool, keep it up!

but please, make the girl's movement more faster because it's too slow :)

Thanks a lot for playing! The "lady in the shadows" throws a tantrum every time someone suggests increasing Angela's speed, but we'll see what we can do about that!  xD

I gotta say, I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of work that went into this. Looking forward to more.

Thank you very much for the video! The "scissor lady" was able to cut your hair many times though, huh?  xD

Yeah. You know, I have a feeling she's not the nicest person around.

This was a really fun game! I wish night 2 was out already! I loved the aesthetics of the game as well as the color scheme! The art style with the CG's are also really detailed. I think it's a nice switch from when you are running around! One thing I would like to see in the future is to maybe have separate audio sliders. At least one for music and one for voices. I personally like having voice audio on the louder end compared to music.

I do look forward to night 2 and what else you and everyone has planned in the future! 

I loved your voice-over, it was interesting, to say the least, haha! Many thanks for the video and for your feedback! S2

Really enjoyed this - it's about time somebody decided to make some new stuff with Clock Tower-style gameplay. It plays really nicely. The voice acting is also great, and the art style is unique and pretty. The whole thing is designed very well; I didn't encounter any bugs or anything. It feels very polished.

I thought of a couple of small suggestions to make the gameplay just a tiny bit smoother, if you're interested. Nothing major. It would be nice if you could still double-click to run even when the cursor is blue and you're on your way to investigate an object/open a door. Then, if you have an item selected (like a key), it would help a little if it would still turn blue when you hover it over anything you can interact with, just like the cursor does when no item is selected (so you can tell if, for example, you're holding the key in the right spot to use it on the door). Also, being able to right-click to skip lines of dialogue would be convenient, particularly if someone is replaying the game.

I'm really glad to see this is only "Night One", and that there will be more coming in the future. I'd like to see more of the mansion, and a wider variety of items to find and places to hide (with more optional cutscenes and puzzles and such). This project seems on its way to becoming something very cool, and I can't wait to see more!

Aww, thank you so much for your kind words and useful feedback! We'll be adding your suggestions to our list, word! S2

love it ..this my version italian ;D

Italy, giallo's homeland! S2 Thanks a lot! There's an extra cutscene in the dining room, by the way! :o

Good game

Many thanks! Ouch, you too missed the extra cutscene in the dining room! Congrats for not getting grabbed by the "lady in black" though, haha!  xD

Incredible, I loooooooooved it! the art was so smooth but it was a bit weird to see characters without faces, the voice acting really adds to the immersion too! I can't wait for night 2

Thank you so much! I watched it to the end! You missed an extra cutscene in the dining room though, haha! xD

Perfect successor to the classic Clock Tower games. Can't wait to see more from this soon!

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Thank you very much! I hope to be able to make a worthy successor in the future! :D